Microsoft Launches Copilot for Android and Apple Devices


On December 19, 2023, Microsoft launched a dedicated Copilot app for Android on Google Play. Suddenly appearing on December 29, 2023, in the Apple store, they announced the same app is available to iPhone and iPad users also. The same rules apply to both apps; you can use it with limited functionality without logging in, but signing into your Microsoft account gives you additional prompts and features.

The latest improved GPT-4 model is available from Microsoft’s partner OpenAI when you do sign in with a Microsoft account. And with DALL-E 3 on board, you can ask Copilot to create artwork, photos, and other types of images based on your description. Plus, you can switch between Light and Dark modes based on your preference. Although this functionality will be free in these apps, which is great since ChatGPT customers must pay for the GPT-4 version normally, the response time will be slower.

If you are not interested in installing Copilot on your phone, you can find the same features are available as part of Bing on the web and Copilot also runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Alongside rolling out these new apps on Android and Apple devices, Microsoft also created a web experience for Copilot that is separate from Bing. Do not expect Microsoft to slow down the evolution and watch for them to continue to push the envelope on what Copilot can do moving into 2024.

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