Microsoft is rolling out new tools to combat deepfakes and other misinformation as part of its Defending Democracy Program. The new Microsoft Video Authenticator will analyze still photo and video images and share how likely it is that the media is artificially manipulated. This is another technology Microsoft developed in an effort to spot synthetic media. Artificial intelligence is used to generate realistic deepfakes, identifying visual disinformation using technology is still a problem, and one Microsoft is committed to help fight.

While using the Microsoft Video Authenticator, users will see a confidence score on if the media is manipulated, and in videos, that score will show in real-time on each frame. This tool works by detecting subtle elements that might not be detectable by the human eye.

Microsoft is going to continue to develop tools to help keep people honest. Microsoft is fully engaged in the fight against misinformation and is committed to pushing back against any bogus content.

Video Authenticator will initially be available only through Reality Defender 2020, which will guide organizations through the limitations and ethical considerations inherent in any deepfake detection technology.  Their target for this release is political campaigns and the media/journalists.

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