Microsoft Introduces Two-Phase Immersion Cooling in Azure Data Center


Microsoft recently announced they are the first major cloud provider to test and implement two-phase liquid immersion cooling in their data centers. This process has been in the testing phase for several years and they are finally starting to implement this technology in their Azure data centers this week.

When Microsoft’s processors begin to get hot, cold air is used to regulate their temperatures, especially when running certain workloads. Because heat transfer in liquids is “orders of magnitude more efficient than air,” immersion cooling could be a much better long-term solution. And one that is more reliable over-time.

Single-phase cooling has been in place for awhile, but two-phase liquid immersion cooling changes the cooling process. When the fluid comes in contact with heat-generating components, the fluid changes state from liquid to vapor and naturally rises, carrying the heat as latent energy. The vapor rejects the heat at a condenser and naturally transforms back into the liquid form.

Microsoft has been investigating liquid immersion cooling for high-performance workloads and has concluded it reduces power consumption for any given server between 5 and 15%, Microsoft officials said.

Microsoft introducing two-phase immersion cooling in Azure data centers is just another move to ensure the Azure Cloud continues to deliver a highly available, flexible, scalable and productive solution. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Microsoft Gold Partner. Give us a call today to learn more about the Microsoft Azure Cloud and other new innovations coming down the pipeline.

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