Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all over the news for many different reasons. So much is new and exciting with AI and to not miss out on the excitement, Microsoft also had something to announce. Microsoft Edge has become the first and only browser with an integrated AI image generator. This AI image generator, Image Creator, will allow users to create images that do not exist yet, powered by the latest DALL-E models from OpenAI.

Image Creator is now available on desktops for Edge users worldwide. Without users having to leave the browser, they can find precise visuals for social posts, presentations, or other purposes. Users must navigate to the sidebar on the right side of the browser, tap the Image Creator icon, enter a prompt, and chose from four different image options. The images can then be downloaded or uploaded to any platform.

When using Image Creator in Microsoft Edge for the first time, you’ll need to enable it in the Edge sidebar by clicking the “+” icon and turning on the toggle key for Image Creator.

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