Microsoft Copilot on Windows 11: Key Functionality Everyone Should Know About


Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered intelligent chatbot that is almost found on every product and service that Microsoft has to offer. It has recently replaced Cortana as the new digital assistant that appears in the Taskbar of Windows 11. Microsoft has been making a huge push with artificial intelligence and created Copilot to assisting in making a user more productive using simple and natural prompts.

Copilot helps you across Windows 11 and many of the different Microsoft products tackle daily tasks with ease and effortless efficiency. Here is some Microsoft Copilot Skills you must try:

  • Change system settings on Windows 11: It is available now with limited prompts, but it can help you manage the system settings with one singe prompt such as turn on Bluetooth or mute volume.
  • Launch applications on Windows 11: The assistant can launch virtually any app you have installed on the computer and since the chatbot can make sense of natural language, you can use different variants of the action if the action is clear.
  • Use voice to interact with Copilot: That is right, use your voice! Instead of typing the question or action, use natural language with voice. Do not be surprised when Copilot answers your questions using your own voice.
  • Image search on Windows 11: Compose a question on an image, upload an image, and click submit. Once you receive an answer, you also can ask further drill-down questions.
  • Remove background and create AI images in Paint: Microsoft is integrating Copilot into many of its products, such as Paint and Photos by building AI features based on Copilot technologies. You can remove the background or even just part of the background. You can also create images.
  • Background blur, remove, and replace in Photos: The Photos app integrates several AI features, including removing the background of the image, like the feature above in Paint. In this app, you can also blur the background or replace it completely.
  • Summarize web pages with Copilot on Edge: On Windows 11, Microsoft Edge has a dedicated Copilot experience with can summarize web pages and streamline displayed content.
  • Compose content with Copilot on Edge: Copilot on Microsoft Edge has a compose feature, which allows you to create several types of content such as professional emails, cover letters, etc.
  • Organize tabs on Microsoft Edge: Another Copilot feature on Microsoft Edge, is the ability to organize your tabs in the browser. Simple, but efficient.
  • Extract text from images with AI on Snipping Tool: The Snipping Tool includes AI enhancements that gives you the ability to extract text from a screenshot. It also can help you redact sensitive information such as personal identification details.
  • Access Copilot on the web: You can access the chatbot from the dedicated web application by opening and signing in with your Microsoft account. You can interact with chatbot AI the same as on Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, and Bing chat, however, you will not be able to change system settings or have access to some specific features on Microsoft Edge.

Copilot is changing the way users work, one application at a time. Stay tuned to our blog for more news on Microsoft Copilot.

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