Microsoft Copilot will become generally available on November 1st and with it we will see a new experience around Microsoft Copilot Lab. This is a prompt repository that helps users see prompts being used by others and industry experts to better understand the user experience with Copilot. One trait that is common with the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is that users learn best from watching and sharing best practices and tips with others.

Microsoft Copilot Lab was developed to help people build new work habits form a new AI-powered era of productivity.

Prompt engineering is a skillset that figures out when to delegate to AI. The more you interact and explore with AI, the better your output will become. Copilot experiences will be very heavy on prompt engineering the first few years, but it will become less and less relevant over time.

Microsoft Copilot Lab will expand over time as well to adjust for the continued changes with AI and the eventual phasing out of prompt engineering.

When you finally gain access to Microsoft Copilot next month, make sure you dedicate some time to trying out Microsoft Copilot Lab and play around with the prompts. It will be integrated into Microsoft 365 Copilot and accessible via a website to all M365 Copilot users.

To learn more about Microsoft Copilot, you can read about Copilot on the Official Microsoft Blog Page here.

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