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As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider specializing in Azure, 2W Tech is certified to seamlessly implement Azure Government or GCC High for organizations operating within the government sector or dealing with sensitive information.

Azure Government and GCC High are designed to meet stringent compliance requirements and provide a highly secure cloud environment.

With our expertise, we can help organizations transition to these environments, ensuring all data, applications, and services are migrated safely and efficiently. This includes configuring security settings, managing user access, and setting up disaster recovery systems.

The implementation process begins with an in-depth assessment of the current Epicor and IT infrastructure, to identify the components that can be shifted to the cloud.

Post this, we design a cloud strategy that aligns with the organization’s objectives and regulatory needs. During the migration process, we ensure minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

After successful migration, we provide ongoing support and management of the Azure Government or GCC High environment. This includes monitoring for security threats, managing updates, and providing user support. 


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