Microsoft Azure Pushing Epicor To Finish Line


Most businesses that have a decent amount of longevity decides to reinvent themselves after a period of time. The world is changing every day and what worked 10 years ago, doesn’t always work today. Epicor announced last year that it was working towards being the cloud vendor of choice for organizations in manufacturing, automotive aftermarket, wholesale, distribution, service, lumber and retail. Epicor’s SaaS business is growing at an impressive rate, with year over year revenue increasing over 90%. But the question remains; has Epicor made enough moves to reinvent themselves as “the new Epicor”? The answer; Epicor made one very good strategic move that has pushed them over that finish line, Epicor in Azure.

Epicor’s leadership group made some significant moves over a year ago to help accelerate the move to the cloud, starting with the renewed and expanded partnership with Microsoft. This move allowed Epicor to standardize cloud deployments of their products on Microsoft Azure. This partnership lets Epicor benefit from the reliability, elasticity, scale and security that Microsoft Azure offers.

Microsoft Azure is unique in the fact that you can utilize individual features of it for things such as application database, load balancing, traffic manager and Azure Lighthouse to name a few. Azure lets you add your own Infrastructure software to it and it allows you complete access to your data, unlike other SaaS solutions. 2W Tech has been an Epicor partner for over 30 years so trust us when we say Epicor in Azure is a big deal. It is the perfect marriage for any Manufacturing company that wants to run their ERP system in the cloud, while given the opportunity to modernize all their solutions as well. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as an Epicor Gold Partner. There is no one that has more Epicor in Azure installations under their belt. Give us a call today to learn how you can start taking advantage.

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