Microsoft Azure Load Testing Preview Now Available


Still unsure just how much capacity you need from your server setup? Through the Microsoft Azure Load Testing Preview, you can determine exactly what your organization requires – no matter what type of servers you use.  

Azure Load Testing Preview is a fully managed load-testing service that enables users to generate high-scale load. The service simulates traffic for your applications, regardless of where they’re hosted. Developers, testers, and quality assurance engineers can use it to optimize application performance, scalability, or capacity. 

The application can be hosted anywhere – in Azure, on premises, or in other clouds.  

During the load test, the service collects the following resource metrics and displays them in a dashboard:  

  • Client-side metrics give you details reported by the test engine. These details include the number of virtual users, the request response time, or the number of requests per second.  
  • Server-side metrics provide information about your Azure application components. Azure Load Testing integrates with Azure Monitor, including Application and Container insights, to capture details from the Azure services. Depending on the type of service, different metrics are available. 

Azure Load Testing automatically incorporates best practices for Azure networking to help make sure that your tests run securely and reliably. Load tests are automatically stopped if the application endpoints or Azure components start throttling request.  

Through the Azure Marketplace, users can find Azure Load Testing service that they can use to integrate into their continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline at meaningful points during the development lifecycle.  

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