Microsoft Azure Launches ChatGPT for Enterprise


Microsoft just announced that ChatGPT for Enterprise is available in preview in Azure OpenAI Service. This allows developers to integrate custom AI-powered features and functionality directly into their own applications.

The possibilities are endless. Existing bots can be enhanced to manage unexpected questions, transcripts of conversations can be recapped instantly for faster customer support resolution, different activities can be automated, and much more.

ChatGPT for Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, GitHub, artificial intelligence, Azure OpenAI ServiceThere are some advantages of Microsoft Azure ChatGPT for enterprises such as improved customer service, product development, and marketing efforts. Some others include:

  • Enhanced Confidentiality: It offers built-in privacy assurance, so data is secure and insulated from OpenAI’s operational oversight.
  • Administrative Empowerment: It offers precise control so Enterprises can opt to fully contain network traffic within their infrastructure, with applied security protocols.
  • Increased Business Value: The possibilities are limitless to magnify business value using Microsoft Azure ChatGPT. You can leverage proprietary internal data sources or rely on plug-ins to interface with in-house services.

Microsoft uploaded Azure ChatGPT on GitHub, with private Microsoft Azure hosting. If you are already using Azure, adding ChatGPT should be an easy task.

Microsoft has really leaned into their partnership with OpenAI this year and has embraced the GPT language model that also underpins ChatGPT. And let us not forget Microsoft’s responsible approach to artificial intelligence. They are committed to making sure AI systems are developed responsibly, that they work as intended, and are used in ways that people can trust.

To read the official Microsoft blog announcement, click here.

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