Microsoft Azure is Secure


Security isn’t always a given in the cloud industry, but Azure’s proactive approach to security, compliance, and privacy is unique. Microsoft leads the industry in establishing and consistently meeting clear security and privacy requirements. Azure has industry-leading compliance and privacy certifications to help protect organizations that need to be compliant with HIPAA, ITAR, ISO, CSA, CJIS to name just a few.

Azure also has built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence, offering you everything you need to identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats. Azure allows you to:

  • Start with a secure foundation to reduce costs and complexities and allow yourselves to take advantage of multi-layered security
  • Streamline your compliance and enable business transformation using built-in controls, configuration management tools, implementation and guidance resources, and 3rd party audit reports to simplify your compliance needs
  • Detect threats early and respond quicker with unique services performed real-time by global security intelligence

Azure is the most trusted cloud platform and for good reason. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has IT Consultants on staff that can help your business understand the benefits Microsoft Azure can bring to your business. Give us a call today to learn more about your deployment options or to better understand Azure Security.

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