When most businesses first implemented an ERP system, it was an extensive and expensive journey. Today’s implementation of ERP systems are affordable and much easier thanks to cloud.  Cloud platforms also simplify implementations by eliminating the need for expensive on-premises servers, instead your software is hosted off-site. However, choosing to implement your ERP system in the cloud isn’t enough. You must choose to implement an Epicor ERP system on the Microsoft Azure cloud. 2W Tech as both an Epicor Gold Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, is the partner of choice for implementing Epicor and Azure.

Combining Epicor and Azure gives you optimal performance, ease of use, flexibility, scalability and security and takes an excellent Epicor ERP product to the next level of performance. Azure provides you with the flexibility an on-premise system gives you but without the high price tag associated with on-premise. Some other benefits of Microsoft Azure include:

  • Load balancing over multiple locations
  • Scalability with consumption-based computing
  • Easier sign-on & better integrations
  • Security with Geo redundancy
  • Anytime, anywhere access without use of VPN
  • Eliminate on-site hardware needs
  • High availability, performance and reliability
  • Reduced TCO

Ready to move your Epicor ERP system to the Azure Cloud? Give us a call today and let our team of experts guide you on your journey.

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