Manufacturing To Innovate at Record Speeds


Manufacturing has always been a slow moving and conservative industry, however, COVID-19 has created new challenges requiring them to innovate at speeds they never have before. As stay at home orders are lifted, businesses of all types are facing dilemmas on how to comply with the new standards of safety. Manufacturing is hit the hardest with the amount of change. They face supply chain disruptions, social distancing on high-touch assembly lines, and limited ability to travel.

All of these changes in manufacturing means increased need for oversight, which adds significant complexity to all manufacturing processes. Since oversight should be eliminated due to social distancing measures. Businesses can no longer have managers hovering over everyone’s shoulders throughout the supply chain.

Manufacturers are facing a real financial burden if they can’t adjust to these challenges quickly. The only solution is for Manufacturers to quickly embrace that technology is the only way for them to innovate accurately and at the speed necessary. The faster solutions are put into place, the smaller the disruption to business overall. We are going to witness the fast adoption of innovative technologies at scale because there was no other choice.

We will see five years of innovation happen in the next 18 months.  Industry 4.0, big data, analytics are going to be adopted and taken to new heights that many of us were not anticipating. Businesses are going to use technology in ways we did not yet know was possible. Don’t get me wrong, humans are still just as important to the supply chain in manufacturing. We simply are going to see a shift in how they are used and how they use technology to help complete tasks that may have been manual up until a few months ago.

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