Implementation of ERP in a manufacturing environment is not a simple endeavor. Manufacturing ERP software offers features such as supply chain management, lean and mixed mode manufacturing, and advanced planning and scheduling. Manufacturers tend to deploy fewer ERP modules than those in other industries, mainly because they don’t need to. ERP solutions for manufacturing have to be more niche in order to address more industry-specific manufacturing issues right out of the box. With this being said, Manufacturing companies that implement ERP systems don’t do so well with staying within their budget. Manufacturing ERP implementations are more likely to go over budget and have a higher cost-to-revenue ratio.
The biggest challenges in implementation are:

  • Reducing the amount of customization required to support customer needs
  • Reducing the amount of time required to install and configure the software
  • Providing user training and support tools
  • Managing process changes

Now that you understand the main Manufacturing ERP implementation challenges, here are a few tips to help your organization overcome them.

  • Build a strong implementation team made up of employees with varying experience and knowledge. Make sure this team includes an executive-level member, as well as a super user.
  • Appropriately manage user expectations on implementation time frame and business process changes. As well as how this will affect their jobs personally.
  • Have a thorough project plan that gives you a phased implementation approach complete with target dates for each phase. Doing this type of implementation will limit the disruption to not only your users, but to your customers and suppliers as well.
  • Do not skimp on your resources. You must dedicate the appropriate time and investment to get the implementation the exact way you need it to be to best support your business. This does not mean that you need to be excessive with it either though.

Epicor is one of the leaders in Manufacturing ERP software solutions. They focus on the requirements of single site and global manufacturers in specific verticals, including fabricated metal, industrial machinery, high tech and electronic component products, rubber and plastic, print and packaging, furniture and fixtures, measurement and control, and energy. 2W Tech is a Certified Epicor ERP Consultant and would be happy to discuss Manufacturing ERP software solutions with you.
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