Manufacturers Should be on High Alert for Ransomware Attacks


Everyone is on high alert over worries of potential disruptive attacks by Russian hackers amid the escalating crisis in Ukraine. The new US sanctions on Russia has put a new target on US operated businesses, specifically the manufacturing sector.

Over the past two years, the manufacturing industry has been the bullseye of cyberattacks, especially as ransomware gangs have begun to take advantage of the supply chain during the pandemic. With the global crisis happening, the supply chain is even more vulnerable, which means there is a renewed bullseye on their back.  

What is really concerning is it has been several years since cybercriminals turned their attention to manufacturing. Which means, operational technology (OT) attacks are also now a possibility. It takes time for a threat actor to gather intelligence on an OT network and its’ processes. It usually takes several years to gain enough intelligence about a victim OT network to launch a significant attack on it.  

With manufacturing businesses now being the target of both IT and OT attacks, now is the time to ensure all the necessary steps are being taken to protect your business. One place to start is to ensure you have properly segmented your OT and IT networks and don’t have any unknown networked connections. You need to ensure your OT devices are locked down. 

Businesses also need to make sure they have a gap analysis performed within their organization to identify any areas they may be vulnerable. Any little weakness could be exploited. 

If you need help ensuring your business is protected from hackers and cybercriminals, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let our IT Consultants perform a gap analysis and help you patch the holes within your technology landscape. 

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