Managing a Skilled Labor Shortage in Manufacturing


Manufacturing is one of the most challenging industries to work in, especially in the last couple of years. If the everyday challenges are not enough, demanding customers, supply chain disruptions, and shutdowns have forced manufacturers to adapt to change more rapidly than ever before. Manufacturers need to break through the challenges they are facing and prosper.  

One of the top challenges facing manufacturers today is managing a skilled labor shortage. Research from a recent Deloitte study estimates that manufacturing may have as many as 2.4 million jobs to fill by 2028 for the US alone. If a manufacturer can adopt modern technology, that will help attract the best available to work for your business.  

The younger generation is tech savvy. They like to be relevant and bring new ideas. They do not want to work in a business that is using technology that is outdated and irrelevant. It goes against the energy and initiative they come to you with and over time, they will either become disengaged, or they will leave the company in search of a more modern workplace.   

Attracting applicants is just one piece of the puzzle. You need to also keep your existing staff happy and engaged. Employees today want the ability to be agile and flexible, relying on mobile devices and software that can connect them to the tools they need to do their jobs.  

However, one of the most important ways to keep good employees is to give them opportunities for growth. Do you understand what your employees are looking for in their career? Promoting internal talent is important for company morale and personal growth. Invest resources for training and development. Build your people, and in turn, build your business.  

If you are using a more sophisticated technology in your business, such as an ERP system, offering extensive training capabilities and support, the right solutions will turn any newer employee into a highly skilled asset faster than any other method. Invest in modern technology, invest in the future of your business, invest in your people.  

2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let us help work with your business to upgrade your technology landscape and ensure you are attractive to both your existing staff and the ones you are looking to attract.

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