Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Certified Azure Architects



Embrace the power of Azure server management to optimize your cloud infrastructure and achieve unparalleled success. A 2W Tech comprehensive Azure management plan, ensures your Azure instances are always monitored, secure, and performing at their best.

Documenting Software and Environment Changes: Stay organized and efficient with our documentation of your software and cloud environment changes. This ensures consistency and simplifies troubleshooting, providing you with a reliable foundation for future growth.

In-Depth Monthly Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your cloud server management progress with our detailed monthly reports.

Real-Time Status Tracking with Customer Portal Access:  Stay on top of your cloud infrastructure with easy access to essential information.

Consumption Monitoring: Optimize resource allocation and maintain cost efficiency with our consumption monitoring services. Your cloud server usage remains balanced, preventing overconsumption and associated costs.

Environment Monitoring and Resource Management:  We’ll keep a close eye on storage allocation, server compute sizing, disk, and memory, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure remains balanced and performs optimally.

Reliable Backup Status Checks: Safeguard your data with our regular backup status checks. We monitor and verify the success of your backup processes, ensuring that you can quickly recover in case of a disaster.

Security Configuration and Remediation: Protect your data and applications with our expert security configuration and remediation services. We maintain a secure environment, providing recommendations and addressing potential threats as needed.

Unusual Activity Monitoring: Safeguard your cloud environment with our vigilant unusual activity monitoring services. By detecting and addressing any anomalies, we help maintain your cloud infrastructure’s integrity and security.

Unlock the full potential of your Azure cloud infrastructure with a 2W Tech comprehensive Azure management services and experience the ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your Azure instances are in expert hands.