Managed Services Myths


So much has changed in the last few years with technology. The business world has an “always-on” mentality. There is no off switch. Tablets, laptops, and other computing devices have transformed our lives forever and there is no coming back from that. Businesses can not afford hours or days of downtime, they expect their systems will work all the time. But with smarter technologies, comes smarter mentality. Clients do not want to have to pay for more than they need. We have been educating our clients and potential clients for awhile now on the benefits of using a Managed Services model instead of a break-fix model. In the time since it was first introduced until now, there have been many misconceptions about Managed Services.

  • Managed Services is more expensive. In a break-fix model, you only get an invoice anytime something breaks and you get it fixed. But what happens when something breaks after hours, or on the weekend, or even worse, the holidays! You pay an emergency rate, which can be up to triple what you would pay under normal circumstances, not to mention the money you lose on your business being down. Surprisingly, Managed Services costs are less expensive than break-fix, especially when you consider what business outages and emergency pay can add up to be. Remote monitoring and proactive prevention of major issues actually makes you more productive and saves you money in the end. Your issues get fixed before they actually become a problem and affect your business. Not to mention the added bonus of a monthly flat fee, which is budget friendly and easy to plan for.
  • An MSP will replace my in-house IT person. We have had countless conversations with our clients about transitioning to Managed Services and often we hear “I don’t need the extra support, I have an IT staff”. Our response is always the same, “I am sure your IT person is totally awesome, but think of what other projects they can undertake with us by their side!” We are not looking to replace your IT department, but work hand in hand with them to provide additional support. We have several Consultants that specialize in different areas of technology and stay up to date with changes and the evolving technology. Does your IT staff have the same expertise? We are simply looking to keep you protected and your systems running, all while allowing your IT department to work on projects proactively to evolve your organizations technology.
  • Outside IT help is difficult to manage. This couldn’t be more opposite than the truth! Your Managed Services Provider is responsible for managing and watching your network. When anything goes wrong, you have 1 source to communicate with. Managed Services offers you 24-7 remote monitoring and protection and are only 1 phone call away if anything shall arise. If you ensure your MSP has a deep roster, you still only need to make 1 phone call. It is your MSPs responsibility to find the answer and solutions among their staff members, keeping you out of the unnecessary back and forth. 1 call solves your IT problems.
  • Managed Service Providers are all the same. When you hire a new employee, you must do your research and only select the person that will fit into your organization seamlessly. When you choose an MSP, the same thinking should apply. Every MSP group has their own strengths and product line specialties and it is up to you to do your research and select the one that best fits your organizations needs. It is also important to understand the different support agreement levels that are offered, so that you can ensure you are choosing what to pay for.

If you have not yet switched your technology model to Managed Services, you should consider the transition. If you have concerns, please discuss them with your Solution Provider. If you do not have a Solution Provider, 2W Tech offers an MSP model and would be happy to discuss whether or not this would be the best technology solution for your organization. Please do not sit back and not take action because you are scared of the unknown. Get educated.

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