Manage Your Epicor ERP Wish List


Every Epicor ERP user has a list of items of how they want their systems to function, reports they like to run and customizations that would make their system more effective and usable.
The problem is, who has the time to manage those projects to completion? Unless you’re fortunate enough to afford a full time system manager, you’ll need to job that out to someone else in your company that already has a full time job.
check_it_off_the_list_text_10957-1Then, that person needs to hunt down a certified Epicor consultant or programmer. Scope the task. Mange the task. Keep the task on budget and on time. Test it. Put it into production. Troubleshoot. Implement fixes. Move to the item on the wish list.
Then what happens if the next patch breaks your customization? Start over? Seriously?
Yes, seriously.
Here’s a better idea. Let 2W Technologies manage your ‘Wish List’.
Our managed project plan will help you assemble and prioritize your list. Then we’ll assign a 2W Tech project manager to scope, manage and help implement each individual task. Your 2W project manager will work closely with the 2W Tech Certified Epicor consultant assigned to each project to ensure you get exactly what you need.
Patches breaking your system…we have an answer for that too.
Then when you’re ready, they’ll move to the next project. Until you have your Epicor system running right where you need it to be.

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