Everywhere you look, it seems like another regulation is in being discussed that will have a major impact on your operations. For example, California followed the European Union’s example with the General Data Protection Regulation by creating its California Consumer Protection Act. Now countless states are falling in line with their own data protection regulations.  

Working within multiple regulatory frameworks can be quite confusing and time consuming. But with forethought and a strategy in place, plenty of time- and cost-cutting measures can be utilized to make the compliance process as pain-free as possible 

Here are some tips to get compliant within multiple frameworks: 

  • Coordinate employees and tasks – as you expand your IT compliance program, you’ll need to involve more people from your company. Keeping everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction will become more difficult as the scope increases, so communication will be key.  
  • Map out overlapping areas between multiple standards and frameworks – Many security compliance frameworks have overlapping requirementsNo matter what industry you’re in, your best bet is to start with the all-encompassing NIST Cybersecurity Framework and fill in any gaps for your industry-specific regulations.  
  • Spend money on audits – If you’re trying to achieve a certification for a certain standard like ISO or CMMC, you’ll need a qualified auditor, schedule the audit, and pay for it. Certain audits and certification processes can be expensive – think six figures. However, some auditors can audit against multiple standards simultaneously to cut down cost and time involved.  
  • Get buy-in from the c-suite – Considering the time and effort involved in compliance and the fact this spend is 100 percent overhead, decision-makers often want to put these initiatives on the backburner. Don’t wait. Either hackers or regulators will find out your operations are not in compliance, and it will cost you big bucks in damage control or penalties 

Give us 2W Tech a call today to begin the conversation your regulatory compliance. 2W Tech is a full-service IT consulting firm that specializes in cybersecurity solutions and can help your organization maintain compliance with industry standards you must adhere to through our Cybersecurity Compliance Program. 

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