Make Network Audits a Regular Cadence in 2024


Network audits are a crucial task for every organization to conduct, but often, this never happens unless a situation calls for it. A network audit is the process that involves mapping and taking inventory of network hardware and software.

You will be able to answers questions such as:

  • How many switches, routers, and physical servers do we have?
  • What software do the servers run on?
  • Do we have any hardware approaching or already have reached end-of-life?

Here are some key benefits to network audits:

  • Minimize risks: When you have a detailed snapshot of your network, you make better informed decisions, minimizing the risk when you perform tasks like network upgrades, software deployments, etc. You can go into a situation and understand if a certain activity can adversely impact a network component of disrupt your business operations in any way.
  • Expose potential vulnerabilities: Running any hardware or software after end-of-life means the product is no longer supports or patched, which means your business is exposed to vulnerabilities. This leaves you with a large gaping hole in your network.
  • Uncover improvement areas: A network audit can reveal areas of the network that need optimized and improved. It can identity missed patches, needed reconfigurations, or even a complete overhaul.

Ideally, network audits should be conducted on a regular basis. Once a quarter would be a great business practice for 2024. However, there are some situations that may call for an ad hoc network audit. We also recommend you employ an IT Consulting firm like 2W Tech to perform your network audit for you. We have specific checklists and third-party tools that can ensure we are covering all areas of your network and leave no stone unturned. Give us a call today and together, let us start 2024 off on the right foot!

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