The Industrial Internet of Things can offer a variety of benefits to any manufacturer who wants to use it on the shop floor. But that initiative is often daunting, especially for those without the coding expertise to use platforms to best take advantage of the IIoT’s insights. Low-code application development for IIoT initiatives can make this process a breeze.  

With low-code development, developers leverage drag-and-drop interfaces in which advanced technology capabilities including sensors, artificial intelligence/machine learning and analytics are contained in abstract modules. Developers can then assemble these modules to build compete applications. Traditionally, IIoT application development requires intensive time and resource investments and expert talent. But low-code options offer organizations a strategy where they can harness more advanced technologies than their skillset might not have otherwise.  

This is particularly important for manufacturers, which produce “Golden Data.” Manufacturing data is much more valuable than data from other industries because it is sourced from machines that directly and accurately communicate their status. Using lightweight low-code AI/ML application processes in your edge computing systems offers the opportunity to capture and perform analysis on that data in a more passive manner that leaves manufacturing systems undisturbed. Those same lightweight processes can also take decisive action to protect manufacturing systems and avoid downtime faster and more efficiently.  

Here are five ways a low-code platform can help your organization build a competitive advantage in the IoT:  

  1. Empower your employees to own and improve their processes – Because developing low-code applications does not require users to know coding, anyone can create an application. Domain experts and IT pros can work together to create solutions that bring more value to your business.  
  2. It promotes crucial synergy between IT and OT users – Low-code apps can decrease the time your IT and OT users need to do their work, as well as generate new, valuable insights.  
  3. It expands your ecosystem – Low-code platforms empower organizations to share, build or sell apps, facilitating the development of new business models.  
  4. It extends your current solutions beyond their existing capabilities – If a low-code platform can integrate with any system, your organization can pull functionalities and capabilities out of your existing and legacy systems and use that information inside of the apps you build.  
  5. It makes it easier to connect your data sources and tools – With a low code-platform, you can connect critical data sources to seamlessly access data that will give your organization insights.  

2W Tech can help you get the best ROI out of your work with the IIoT. We are a technology services provider that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn more about how your organization can maximize its potential with the Industrial Internet of Things and cloud solutions. 

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