Let 2W Tech Take Over Your Patch Management


We all have had those pesky software update reminders pop up at the most inopportune times. You know you need to keep your system up-to-date to fix bugs and install upgrades so your software runs efficiently, but who has time to download these patches and restart entire systems so they will take effect? 2W Tech does. We can take patch management off your overflowing plate of duties and come up with a strategy that will keep your systems running optimally while you manage your staff and operations.

Patch management is a strategy for managing patches or upgrades for software applications and technologies. A patch management plan can help a business or organization handle these changes efficiently. Software patches are often necessary in order to fix existing problems with software that are noticed after the initial release. Many of these patches have to do with security. Others may have to do with specific functionality for programs.

In traditional fee-licensing software delivery, patches were often delivered as standalone code modules to add to an existing installed software program. With new Web-delivered systems and cloud hosting models, many patches can now be applied to software programs over the global IP network, rather than being sent on external media and applied to installed programs. The automatic addition of software patches and upgrades is one attractive part of new plans to offer software through Web-delivered services rather than through traditional fee-licensing agreements.

Although patch management may apply to the internal efforts of software companies to fix problems with versions of software programs, some companies also offer patch management software that will analyze existing programs for any potential lack of these security features or other upgrades. Patch management programs can scan systems in order to understand whether additional patches are needed. In general, these tools can help make sure software programs are outfitted with everything they need to work best at any given time.

Through 2W’s patch management services, we automate your patch management tasks including maintaining current knowledge of available patches, deciding what patches are appropriate for particular systems, ensuring that patches are installed properly, testing systems after installation, and documenting all associated procedures, such as specific configurations required. Most importantly, by putting patch management in the hands of 2W Tech, your organization is free to continue doing what you do best — taking care of your clients. Contact 2W today for for help with your patch management.

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