IT Security Skills Shortage Leaves Opening for Cybercriminals


There is no telling when a cybersecurity attack may disrupt your operations. However, one thing is clear — it is more likely than not that you WILL be a victim considering how sophisticated cybercriminals have become. The bone-chilling reality of today’s business climate is that while cybercriminal activity continues to grow, the IT security skills shortage is growing, as well.

cybersecurity cybercriminals IT Security Skills Gap

In 2018, (ISC)2 — an international nonprofit membership association focused on cybersecurity — conducted a comprehensive cybersecurity workforce study. According to the association’s research, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is close to 3 million globally. The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing the highest shortage at around 2.15 million, thanks in part to its growing economies and new cybersecurity and data privacy legislation being enacted throughout the region.

These lofty numbers may seem difficult to grasp, but the shortage is having a real-world impact on companies and on the people who are responsible for their cybersecurity. According to the survey, 63 percent of respondents report that their organizations have a shortage of IT staff dedicated to cybersecurity. Nearly 60 percent of respondents also say their companies are at a moderate or extreme risk of cybersecurity attacks due to this shortage.

As a result, survey respondents listed the cybersecurity workforce gap as their top job concern, outranking historically topmost responses like lack of adequate budget, lack of time and lack of work-life balance. In other words, the cybersecurity personnel shortage is doing more than putting companies at risk — it’s affecting the job satisfaction of their existing staff.

Does this sound familiar to your organization? If so, it’s time to get ahead of the cybercriminals by focusing on your cybersecurity plan. There’s no need to attempt to tackle this part of your business on your own. Contact 2W Tech today to get started with your Cybersecurity Compliance Program.

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