IT Network Assessment – Is Your Network Up To Speed?


It is not uncommon for organizations to underestimate the impact network performance and reliability have on productivity within their organization. Your business relies on infrastructure to get things done; it is the heart of your business.
A network assessment provides insight and visibility into your technical environment and sets the foundation for a long-term strategy. Often companies don’t think having a network assessment is important if they aren’t experiencing any outward IT issues. Unfortunately an IT infrastructure is like the human body, many problems lie below the surface and aren’t visible without the proper tools to detect them.
computer_client_diagram_drawing_400_clr_7821-2Most network assessments can help provide:

  • Whether your computer, network, email and systems are set up properly
  • Details of the health of your server
  • How protected you are from viruses, hackers, and rogue employees
  • Status on disaster recovery and backup
  • Asset overview of all networked devices by make/model/IP address
  • License Key inventory to help better manage the software programs running on your network

Once a network assessment is completed, most IT Consultants/VARs will provide you with a customized IT Optimization Plan. This plan should provide an overview of your network, your current challenges, and your future objectives to demonstrate that the analyst understands your business case. It highlights issues/concerns found during the assessment and recommendations on how you can address each one. Finally, it identifies any limitations of the assessment as a result of network configurations, limited user access, etc….
Network assessments are critical for uncovering and resolving issues within your network environment. The health of your network is contingent upon integrating these into your preventive maintenance routine. Make sure you discuss this with your IT Consultant as soon as possible.

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