Welcome to IT 101, where the experts at 2W Tech will tackle a hot topic in the IT industry and break it down for educational purposes. This week we cover the cybersecurity risks associated with cloud computing.

When operating in the cloud, cybersecurity must be considered a top priority. Here are three areas where your IT team should focus:

  • Regulatory compliance — If your business is a manufacturing factory that specializes in healthcare products, you’ll face heaps of regulations from HIPAA — and so will your data host. Make sure your host is up to speed with all the regulations your industry mandates.
  • User privileges – If the user does not have least privileges, then the escalated privileges could allow them to access and harm — accidentally or otherwise — data they should not be able to access. Since you won’t have the same control of these user accounts in the cloud as you would locally, if someone locks their account through password slip ups, your organization has to wait for the host’s technical staff for help.
  • Data integration/segregation – Data hosting companies can put more than one firm’s data on a server, so encryption should be used to protect your data. Data segregation and data integration are key parts of your data protection in the cloud. Data needs to stay on secure servers to ensure data segregation. And data should not be commingled too much. Make certain that permissions on your databases are set properly to keep other members from accessing more information than you meant to share.

Your best bet is to contact a security specialist like 2W Tech. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner who can help you secure your cloud computing and guide you through your Microsoft Azure cloud journey. Contact 2W Tech today to take advantage of our Cybersecurity Compliance Program.

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