Welcome to IT 101, where the experts at 2W Tech will tackle a hot topic in the IT industry and break it down for educational purposes. This week we cover controlled access.

In a previous edition of IT 101, we discussed the topic of encryption to secure your data. But how do you protect data from your employees to ensure human error does not come into play?

One way is through control access. This involves utilizing data loss prevention, which refers to a comprehensive approach covering people, processes and systems that identify, monitor and protect data in use, data in motion, and data at rest threw deep content inspection and with a centralized management framework.

Data loss prevention controls are based on policy and include classifying sensitive data, discovering that data across and enterprise, enforcing controls, and reporting auditing to ensure policy compliance.

Be sure to segment the network based on the label or classification level of the information stored on the servers, and locate all sensitive information on separated Virtual Local Area Networks. Also, encrypt all sensitive information in transit.

You need to control access to your critical assets on a need-to-know basis. Your best bet to ensure your data is seen by those who need to see is to contact a security specialist like 2W Technologies, INC to help you establish control access. Contact 2W Tech today to take advantage of our Cybersecurity Compliance Program.

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