Windows Virtual Desktop is a relatively new remote working technology that allows you to provide desktop infrastructure to your employees, regardless of their location. With WVD, you can provide your employees the same desktop experience they experienced on-premise, but with flexibility that allows them to take that desktop anywhere, from any device.  There are many businesses across the world that still have not brought their workforces back into their buildings, and many have announced plans to keep their employees working remote through 2021 already. There has never been a better time to evaluate if Windows Virtual Desktop is right for your business.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based desktop and app virtualization service provided by Microsoft, powered by Azure. WVD provides a secure virtual desktop infrastructure with built-in security and compliance features. Because it is flexible and scalable, your organization can save on both capital and operational expenses.

All data is held and worked on in the cloud, so WVD negates the need for employees to host any corporate data on their devices. Microsoft Azure is a trusted and secure cloud platform that offers more built-in security features than any other public cloud.   Your IT Team will no longer have to roam around your business to inspect and troubleshoot PCs. Instead, they can push any policy-based apps and rules to any linked workstation.  Think of the time this will save them to work on other IT related issues and projects.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of WVD, give 2W Tech a call today. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and can help your business decide if Windows Virtual Desktop is right for you.

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