Most people have countless passwords for countless applications. Passwords are inherently insecure because they can be stolen or guessed.  The adoption of password managers is on the rise. These programs can track all the various passwords you use and even replace the weak ones. But is this enough of a security measure?

Last year, Microsoft announced that some of its customers could go completely passwordless in the future. Then in September, Microsoft reinforced their intention to have their customers delete their passwords altogether. Microsoft customers can use the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key, or a verification code sent to your phone or email to sign into your favorite apps and services, such as Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, Family Safety, and more.  

Microsoft is just one of many large enterprise software companies that are pushing to move away from passwords, and instead adopt other authentication practices. 

It is becoming more common when logging into a site or an application to be prompted to enter a six-digit code from your authenticator app, tap a notification on your phone, click to a link in your email, or simply use biometrics, such as your eyeball or fingerprint. These methods of authentication are more secure than passwords and less susceptible to hacking.  

Nobody truly likes passwords. They are inconvenient. However, they have been a crucial part of our digital security for years. One is expected to create complex and unique passwords and remember them. Oh yeah, and don’t forget you need to change them frequently! Weak passwords are the entry point for most attacks across enterprise and consumer accounts. There are a whopping 579 password attacks every second, that is 18 billion attacks every year. 

Will the end of passwords be in 3, 6 or 9 months? Is it just a pipeline dream that major enterprises software companies are pushing but their efforts will ultimately fail? Regardless of when the end of passwords really comes, many applications have already given you other options to the password. Before you decide to eliminate passwords, take the necessary steps to ensure you are protecting yourself appropriately. 

Microsoft posted a blog on this subject, and it is a great place to learn more about going passwordless for your Microsoft account. The Passwordless Future is Here for Your Microsoft Account 

If you would like to learn more about going passwordless for your Microsoft Account or for any other applications, give 2W Tech a call. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have IT Consultants on staff that specialize in security solutions and can help you through the process of adopting other authentication practices.  

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