If you work in the healthcare industry, your organization must be asking, “Is HITRUST worth it?” You’re already mandated to comply with HIPAA due to federal law, and HITRUST is only an industry watchdog certification program.

HITRUST may add some upfront costs to your compliance budgets, so here are some factors to consider before making your decision.

Business entities that must comply with HIPAA standards generally have a difficult time self-assessing their HIPAA compliance level without a framework to follow. HITRUST provides the common security framework for the industry.

Since data breaches are a business norm these days, and healthcare is one of the hardest hit industries as of late, HITRUST is one more tool industry insiders can use to protect the massive amount of personal and financial data providers and their business partners often have on their patients.

However, HITRUST is not an easy certification to earn. It is quite complex, and it doesn’t even automatically guarantee HIPAA compliance. HITRUST certification does provide a much clearer framework for implementing HIPAA procedures and for obtaining other compliance reports like SOC II and NIST 800-53.

Complying with HITRUST just became easier for those organizations who have embraced the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud. Databricks, a provider of unified data analytics solutions, announced that Azure Databricks is now certified for the HITRUST Common Security Framework. This certification validates security and compliance requirements with Azure Databricks for data analytics and AI across a variety of use case industries, including healthcare. Azure Databricks meets all the requirements for CSF certification for all the highest of HITRUST’s three degrees of assurance.

2W Tech has a Cybersecurity Compliance Program that is designed to support our clients’ compliance obligations like HITRUST. We’re also a Microsoft Gold Partner who can help you make the most of the apps in Microsoft Azure, including Databricks. Call us today to get started.

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