Introducing the New Outlook for Windows


The New Outlook for Windows is here, and it is bringing with it a wide variety of exciting features and improvements to enhance your productivity and inbox management. The Microsoft 365 Roadmap is currently showing two fully released updates that are now generally available for applicable customers, eleven updates that are beginning to roll out and are not yet available to all applicable customers, and ten updates that are currently in development and testing.

Here are some key points about the new Outlook:

  • Unified Experience: Integrates email, calendar, and to-do in one view, so you can manage your tasks and stay organized
  • Collaboration with Microsoft Loop: Allows for seamless collaboration across Outlook and Teams, offering a smooth workflow while staying in the flow
  • Flexible Layout Options: New personalized layout choices, easy-to-access settings, and better control over sending and receiving emails.
  • Security Features: Top notch Microsoft robust security features to keep emails and documents safe from phishing attacks and scams
  • Microsoft 365 Subscriptions: If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you will get an additional benefit such as ad-free inbox, increased mailbox and cloud storage space, advanced security features, and premium access to other Microsoft 365 apps.

The new customization options available in New Outlook include:

  • Over fifty themes and fonts
  • Pinning ability for important emails to top of inbox
  • Snoozing emails to resend at a specific time
  • Scheduled send times for emails
  • Flagging emails to populate your to-do-list
  • Choose from roomy, cozy, or compact views
  • My Day feature where you can drag emails to your day to help organize what you need to accomplish that day
  • Navigation bar allows toggling between Calendar, Contacts, and other apps easy
  • You can undo sent emails within 10 seconds for those hasty replies that you instantly regret
  • Quick step option with sending emails
  • Creating rules to keep your inbox clean
  • Creating groups with specific people to make communicating with them regularly easier.
  • Better search function with advanced filters

The new Outlook for Windows introduces a host of exciting features, including intelligent assistance, enhanced file attachments, and a modern, simplified design. Customize it to match your style and unlock even more productivity with the new Outlook for Windows.

Stay tuned to the Official Microsoft Blog Page for Outlook for more updates and news on feature rollouts.

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