Introducing Microsoft Security Copilot


Microsoft calls it the new era of security shaped by the power of OpenAI’ s GPT-4 generative AI. Introducing Microsoft Security Copilot, the first security product on the markets that enables defenders to move at the speed and scale of artificial intelligence.

This product is the marriage of advanced large language model (LLM) and a security-specific model from Microsoft. Microsoft already has a global threat intelligence model that receives more than sixty-five trillion signals, and that information will be relayed to Security Copilot. It will also encompass enterprise-grade security and privacy-compliant experience since it runs of Azure’s hyperscale infrastructure.

Microsoft Security Copilot, artificial intelligence

Security Copilot is a cyber-trained model that uses a learning system to create and tune new skills. It can often offer better quality detection, quicker response times and gives a business the ability to strengthen their security posture. Although, Microsoft cautions that it does not always get everything right.

AI generated content can often make mistakes, but rest assure, Security Copilot is a closed loop learning system, so it is constantly learning from users and solicits feedback on the regular. This allows for responses to be updated so they become more relevant and useful in future interactions.

One huge benefit to Security Copilot is it integrates with the end-to-end Microsoft Security products and like with most Microsoft’s products it will expand to be included in third-party products. Microsoft has been committed to responsible best practices with AI technology and this product is a reinforcement to that commitment.

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