Ignite 2020 Showcases Microsoft Teams Updates


Microsoft Ignite 2020 kicked off yesterday, marking the 2nd major virtual conference Microsoft has hosted since the beginning of the pandemic. Microsoft announced some new features for Teams there including new scenes for Together Mode. New backgrounds that will be available later this year will include a coffee shop and a conference room.  They are also improving the visual rendering of participants in their virtual seats, by automatically scaling and centering participants to give them a more realistic appearance in Together Mode.

Another change coming is what Microsoft calls Custom Layouts, which lets presenters choose how their content will appear during a meeting for the other participants.

Teams calling is getting a “streamlined view” that presents contacts, calling history and voicemail at the same time making it easier to initiate or return a call with a single click. It is also gaining certain meeting features such as recording, transcription and live captions for 1 on 1 calls. They are also introducing Collaborative Calling where users will be able to connect a call queue to a Teams channel, allowing them to collaborate within the channel while still taking calls from the queue.

In their continues efforts to keep Teams secure, Microsoft is also rolling out some new security and compliance features. One new addition is Customer Key support for Teams, allowing customers to use their own keys to provide an additional layer of encryption for Teams (on top of the encryption for Teams data at rest in Microsoft’s data centers).

Compliance features being added for Teams include native integration between Teams and insider risk management, so that customers can securely collaborate about cases with stakeholders. Another compliance feature being added includes support in Advanced eDiscovery for links and live documents shared in Teams, as well as retention policies for meeting recordings in Teams.

2W Tech is a technology service provider and a Microsoft Gold Partner. We are excited to see the upcoming new features and functionalities to Microsoft Teams. Please give us a call today to learn more about Teams or any of the Microsoft 365 apps.

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