How to Maximize Your Microsoft Copilot Experience


Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence chatbot launched as Bing Chat on February 7, 2023, as a built-in feature for both Bing and Edge browsers. Copilot is integrated into various Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365 and Windows 11 and the hype around it just keeps growing. There is a free version of Copilot, available directly inside Windows, on Edge, on Bing, and on the web for anyone using Windows or macOS, if they have a Microsoft account.

Now that it is available to essentially everyone, let us look at some tips to help users maximize their experience.

  • Chose the right chat mode: There are three options:
    • More Creative: Generates elaborate and imaginative responses, presented in a more extensive and creative manner
    • More Precise: Right to the point, very direct communication style
    • More Balanced: It delivers facts, but with additional information and context if you need it. It is a balance between the Creative and Precise mode
  • Create a web page summary: It summarizes the contents of the web page you are on in Edge. Click the Copilot icon at the upper right of the screen, then click the¬†Generate page summary button in the Copilot pane and the summary will appear.
  • Generate a first draft: Copilot can generate a first draft for you. It is best suited for documents that are not overly long or complex. You can choose your tone, length, and format.
  • Use images in conversations with Copilot: You can combine text with images in your conversations.
  • Copilot hallucinations: Double-check key facts and citations before using them. AI gets easy-to-find straightforward facts correct but sometimes highly specialized information comes back incorrect.
  • Check for Copilot plagiarism: Sometimes AI has been known to copy text verbatim or close to it, from material it has been trained on. That can be copyright infringement, which is illegal.

Please tech responsibly!

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