How to Keep Your IIoT Project from Failing


The Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) has proven to be more than a passing fad, and here’s hoping your manufacturing company has at least begun planning how to make use of the incomprehensible amount of data you create in your daily operations. 

In the meantime, here are some stumbling blocks you should avoid making sure your IIoT project is huge success for your business: 

  • Specific expertise and skilled personnel required – To successfully use machine data at industrial scale, this is a must and can be particularly challenging to acquire.  
  • Lack of organizational support – IIoT implementations only succeed when introduced by industrial organizations prepared to provide the support IIoT projects require.  
  • Lack of data-layer infrastructure equipped to meet the specific needs of IIoT – Connected factories produce a vast amount of time-series data. This requires a data-layer strategy capable of handling such data at that scale while also delivering the performance and availability necessary to find the insights that manufacturers seek out in the first place. To find success, manufacturers must orient their IT infrastructures and processes to combine operational data, such as data used by ERP systems, with IIoT time-series data.  

Where does your IIoT project stand? If it has stalled – or, if you haven’t started it at all – it’s time to partner with 2W Tech. We can help you get the best ROI out of your work with the IIoT. We are a technology services provider that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn more about how your organization can maximize its potential with the Industrial Internet of Things and cloud solutions. 

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