How Secure is Your IT Consultant’s Company?


Not all IT consultants are the same. So, how do you know if your IT consultant’s business is as secure as you want them to make yours? To properly vet the IT consultant you plan to hire to protect your operations from cybersecurity threats, be sure to ask the right questions about their qualifications and how they conduct their business.

For example:

  • Who is going to perform the actual work? Some highly qualified IT consultants, once hired, will send out a junior associate in their place to perform the work. Oftentimes, this could have a negative impact on your business as these junior associates do not have the practical experience of their senior colleagues. Your best bet is to Google potential IT firms to check for red flags.
  • What will you need from my organization to get the job done? There’s more to IT security than charting progress and measuring results. It is also critical to determine what level of support the consultant will require from you and your workforce.
  • Have you ever taken down a network during testing? Taking down a network means rendering a business network unavailable. This is something a good consultant should never do. Accidents happen, of course, so coming forth with the truth is a good sign the consultant is trustworthy.
  • What IT security certifications do you hold? Not necessarily a deal breaker, but IT certifications are a good indication of an IT consultant’s experience and partnerships with top software distributors. Nothing, however, is more important than practical experience.

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