Microsoft Power BI is a must-have for any organization with big data that needs to be diluted into digestible bites anyone in the workforce can comprehend. However, if you are in the manufacturing industry, Power BI can transform your entire operations. 

Consider these factors as your manufacturing company debates if it is time to get in on Power BI:  

  • Empower the workforce – Power BI gives your employees the tools they require to help your organization use data to make decisions in a matter of hours instead of months. Through Power BI, you can analyze production, sales, and revenue data securely – by utilizing industry standard data security and access controls – while staying connected onsite or remotely.   
  • Gain customer insights – Through Power BI, manufacturers can see their customers’ purchasing patterns and provide personalized service with insights from marketing, sales, and service data. Advanced analysis and AI (artificial intelligence) allow you to remotely monitor equipment and provide preventative maintenance.   
  • Create more resilient supply chains – You can discover actionable insights based on warehouse capacity usage, inventory levels and delivery logistics to unearth bottlenecks in the supply chain.  
  • Build more agile factories – Identify areas of operational efficiency in real time by analyzing costs, capacity, and output data to avoid delays across the manufacturing line. You also can visualize terabytes of data from equipment sensors, then use AI to predict hardware issues and prevent production disruptions.   
  • Innovate and deliver new services – Power BI helps you create new business opportunities by building a data culture. This culture empowers every employee to access, collaborate on and analyze data across your organization using self-service data connectors and custom visualization tools.   

If you would like to learn more about the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams or about Microsoft 365 in general, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a technology service provider with an extensive line card of products and services.  

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