How Innovation Has Shaped ERP Systems


ERP Systems are the heart of every business. Everything that is relevant to how your business runs is kept in that one interface. ERP systems can help foster growth if it keeps up with the speed of industry and innovation.

Here are some of the ways ERP systems have evolved due to innovation:

  • Cloud: Most organizations are using cloud in some capacity, and cloud-based ERP is no exception. Modern ERP systems have evolved to be able to manage all the data in the cloud, offering the scalability and flexibility a business needs.
  • Data integrations: As the amount of data a business creates continues to increase, it becomes even more important to have a central depository for it. Gathering and tracking data in one place allows for easier analysis.
  • SaaS: This allows software to be accessed from any device, you no longer need a standalone hardware system. A SaaS ERP system connects a workforce and can help tie together operations from all over the world.
  • Scalability: ERP systems need to be able to manage industry at scale. The manufacturing industry has been disrupted due to supply chain issues for the last several years and modern ERP systems give an avenue to manage this.

Innovation with technology is going to continue at a steady pace and your business needs to keep current with your technology to be able to take advantage of the benefits. For your business to be positioned for growth, you must use robust tools.

Are you running the latest version of your ERP system?

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