No matter how far along technology advances come, the number one concern for most businesses when it comes to technology is “how much does it cost.”  The past couple years has us witnessing the rise of cloud-based solutions in manufacturing, which has taken prevalence in many areas including hosting, storage, security, app development, ERP and CRM software. Moving to cloud-based environments is the most efficient and cost-effective choice to make in this modern world. But what about all the planning, strategy, investment and training that went into setting up networks, servers, and workstations? Your business is being faced with the decision to stay on your legacy ERP and try to make as much use of the technology you already have, or do you switch over to a more efficient cloud-based environment and abandon your expensive investment in both your ERP software and the hardware it’s used on.

It seems easier to do nothing and simply stay with your company’s legacy ERP. Since when is making business decisions based on what is easy the smart thing? Companies that decide to stay on an old operating system to avoid upgrade costs are probably regretting that decision every day. Delaying changes until they are critically necessary causes several other issues including the need to spend more on infrastructure at once, as well as large learning gaps and resistance to change from staff members.

Timely ERP system upgrades is not just about lessening the blow of future costs. Shifting from legacy ERP to cloud ERP or hybrid platforms means your organization has access to the latest tools, reports and business intelligence insights that are not available with traditional software. Cloud ERP software also allows for greater mobility, allowing users to work from anywhere, at any time, which increases productivity and employee satisfaction levels. Newer ERP software technology also has greater customization capabilities, meaning it can be tailored to address a company’s specific needs.

Upgrading your ERP will ultimately result in your organization being more efficient, cost-effective and compliant with industry standards. The decision to upgrade your ERP system should go beyond saving money, it also means investing in making your company more productive by boosting results and revenue through the use of better and more modern technology. Every version of ERP software your business is behind on, means functionality at each level you are missing out on. Tired of missing out on the newest ERP features? Give 2W Tech a call today. We are an Epicor Gold Partner with over 30 years experience working with Epicor solutions. We are also one of the only Epicor partners that can help your organization move from Vista,  Vantage or other Legacy Epicor systems to something in this century! Give us a call today to modernize your ERP software.

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