In today’s rapidly changing threat landscape, users represent are an organization’s first and last lines of defense. The responsibility for cybersecurity must be understood and shared by all, regardless of role at company. It is everyone’s responsibility to understand best practices for online safety and cybersecurity.

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Microsoft is focusing on educating on best practices to safeguard your business. They released a Be Cybersmart Kit, which is to help build employee security awareness across an organization. The kit includes infographics on the following:

  • Protecting data and devices
  • Avoiding Phishing attacks
  • Identifying tech-support frauds
  • Safeguarding passwords

In their guide, Microsoft also provided ten top-of-mind tips to protect your network. This is great stuff so I thought I would share with our readers also.

  1. Provide your employees with training on safe email and browsing habits
  2. Offer attack simulation training in Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  3. Go passwordless and use multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  4. Ensure all company devices use the latest version of Windows and internet browser
  5. Enforce corporate file-saving protocols and store/encrypt company data securely in the cloud
  6. Educate on secure connections and install HTTPS Everywhere plug-in for your browser
  7. Train employees to verify website identities by checking website certificates
  8. Explore automation best practices and data governance strategies to ensure secure environments
  9. Enable pop-up blockers by default
  10. Use cloud-based antivirus solutions like Microsoft Windows Defender

These are all fantastic tips that every organization should be following. If you need help implementing or understanding any of the above tips, the team at 2W Tech can help! We have our Microsoft Partner Solutions designation for Security Solutions, and our impressive team of IT Consultants is ready to help your organization become aware and secure.

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