Have You Considered Making the Shift to Cloud ERP?


Epicor 10.1 became available recently for clients that were on Epicor 10. As we are talking to clients about upgrading to Epicor 10.1, one of the main talking points our clients are leading with is whether they should make the transition to the cloud. This new release of Epicor has a very strong “cloud first” orientation that came just in time for those companies that are looking to make a rapid shift to a cloud based system. Many new research reports and industry analyst groups are talking about the next 2 years being a huge shift from on-premise to cloud technologies and many industry leaders already have made the shift. Now that we know more about the cloud, we are starting to understand better the increased flexibility and scalability it offers organizations.
Manufacturing companies that are looking to grow as an organization in the next year or 2 should consider making the shift to a cloud ERP system now to accomodate that growth. In order for a company to grow and to do so without disrupting every day operations, simplifying processes well ahead of time is a must. An ERP system can support greater production volume and help streamline compliance. It can also give you comparisons of operations in the past and what changes you need to make in the future. Planning properly for the future is a necessity if you are going to change the size and makeup of your organization.
Cloud technology reduces the hassle when it comes to upgrading your system or user changes. When you have a cloud ERP system, upgrading from one version to the next becomes so simple that your technology never lags. If your company is going to be in growth mode, you need to make sure that you have the most modern technology available to your users. Modern day technology can keep up with rapid change and growth, unlike aging technology. Cloud-based ERP systems also become cheaper over time than on-premise systems. You probably are going to need to purchase a block of time for for training and predeployment testing, but the deployment of the ERP system is smooth and unobtrusive for your organization.
If you are running an out-dated ERP system or have company growth in your future, you may want to consider a cloud ERP system. Epicor is one vendor that has proven experience in ERP cloud deployments, especially now with the release of Epicor ERP 10.1. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP partner and would be happy to discuss your ERP needs with you.

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