GootLoader Ransomware Quietly Gaining Momentum


Ransomware is one of the fastest growing cybercrimes. It causes more widespread damage than other single-target attacks. Ransomware attacks are becoming more prevalent on critical infrastructure, supply chain, and financial institutions. GootLoader is a type of ransomware that has been active since late 2020 but has become quite popular lately.

GootLoader is a type of ransomware that infiltrates an organization’s network, and no amount of preventative scanning can stop it. It uses search engine optimization poisoning to lure and infect victims and compromise legitimate WordPress websites. The threat actors sometimes add new blog posts to the websites without the owner’s knowledge also.

All it takes is for a user to click on one of the websites and malware gets deployed, and the threat actor then has a foothold on the network.

GootLoader is considered an Initial-Access-as-a-Service (IAaaS) tool used with a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). It has injected over 700,000 URLs with its malware.

GootLoader has become popular and quite disruptive due to its ability to leverage Google Ads to float top search results.

GootLoader is just another example of all the different ransomware and malware strands that are threatening businesses every day. You must remain vigilant in keeping your systems patched and security solutions up to date.

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