The challenges of legacy proprietary systems have been a significant hindrance to innovation for manufacturers. Microsoft once again is leading the charge to eliminate this roadblock. By utilizing Microsoft’s Nested Edge within Microsoft Azure, manufacturers can maintain ISA-95 compliance without having to build their own networking isolation stack.  

Nested Edge provides manufacturers a path to meet ISA-95 requirements for mission critical processing control data. This feature, unique to Microsoft Azure customers, gives manufacturers the ability to seamlessly deploy edge computing throughout the automation pyramid without compromising their existing technologies, including: 

  • Deploy chained edge gateways on the various layers of the automation pyramid while adhering to the security and compliance standards mandated by ISA-95
  • Securely collect and aggregate telemetry from each network layer to gain real-time data about production process
  • Use the full benefits of edge computing to reduce planned downtime and simplify the insights that bridge industrial solutions and a plant’s manufacturing process

Microsoft works with manufacturers to unlock the untapped potential of their processes. The openness this potential creates within a platform brings manufacturers security and scale. Just as important, however, is the simplified communications structure that speeds up the time to market and reduces manufacturing costs.   

Azure Industrial IoT enables established plants and new plants to be equipped with future monitoring and optimization functions for Industry 4.0 needs, in addition to the classic automation pyramid – through a safe, secure and open approach that does not compromise existing implementations.  

The digital transformation slows down for no one, so it is highly recommended you ride the wave to the future with a hybrid cloud like Microsoft Azure. 2W Tech is a full-service IT consulting firm that specializes in Microsoft Azure cloud solutions. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and can help your organization determine if a hybrid cloud solution is right for your business. Call us today to learn more.  

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