Further Your Skills with Microsoft Learn


Microsoft Learn offers a complimentary and dynamic online training environment where individuals can enhance their technical abilities, focusing on Microsoft’s array of products and services. It features diverse leaning paths and modules suitable for all proficiency levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. The subjects span from Azure and Dynamics 365 to Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, among others. Participants can follow detailed instructions, assess their understanding via evaluations, and accumulate rewards and certifications throughout their learning journey.

Microsoft Learn is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their technical skills with Microsoft. Here are some compelling reasons for using Microsoft Learn:

  • Free Learning: You can access interactive, self-paced learning materials FREE
  • Hands-on Experience: Offers a free sandbox environment where you can practice real-world tasks without having to pay for it
  • Content Supporting Various Learning Levels: If you are a beginner or an advanced user, there is content tailored every skill level
  • Custom Learning Paths: Training contents can be curated and shared for projects or onboarding needs
  • Instructor-Led Training: Offers structured learning courses led by authorized Microsoft Partners
  • Multilingual Support: All learning paths and modules are available in multiple languages
  • Community Engagement: Connect and collaborate with Microsoft’s community of users
  • Exam Readiness: Material prepared specifically to help users pass certification exams
  • Student Resources: Students can also take advantage of free exams and practice test to help them prepare for the real-world job market and future career opportunities

Microsoft Learn is a comprehensive platform for developing and validating skills, helping advance your career, keeping you up to date with technological advancements, and helping grow your curiosity for new skills. Give it a try today!

2W Tech is one of Microsoft’s most innovative partners and has earned four Microsoft Solutions Competencies. We encourage all users of Microsoft to take some time to poke around in Microsoft Learn and identify different areas where you can expand your learning and grow in your Microsoft knowledge.

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