If you’ve kept up with the news this week, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware saga has given you and your organization 5 million reasons to immediately review your cybersecurity posture. 

We here at 2W Tech take the cybersecurity posture of our company and our clients seriously. Here are some tactics we use internally, and encourage our clients to do the same for their IT infrastructure: 

  • Use Microsoft 365 for your email – This allows you to keep a separate email server within your IT environment. If malware finds its way onto this email server, it is confined to this server and cannot affect the rest of the IT environment.  
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication – It may seem like a hassle to have to identify yourself on multiple devices, but this simple step makes it that much more difficult for hackers to break into your systems. If they get lucky and guess your login credentials for one device, you’ll be notified right away on another.  
  • Keep a centrally managed antivirus program – Via a centrally managed antivirus program, you will get all alerts and be able to change policy and accessibility as needed.  
  • Set up conditional access policies – Through conditional access policies, you can apply the right access controls when needed to keep your organization secure while maintaining productivity for your workforce. In simple terms, conditional access policies eliminate the need for global administrators with access to anything and everything in your IT network. This helps eliminate accidental and deliberate breaches.  

In order to best protect your organization from cybercrime, you should partner with a cybersecurity expert like 2W Tech. We have a robust Cybersecurity Compliance Program that will keep you in compliance with your industry’s regulations as well as protect you from cybercrooks. Contact us today to learn more.  

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