Finding Success in a Hybrid Work Environment


The hybrid work environment is a new reality that will outlast the coronavirus pandemic, so it is more important than ever that your organization embrace it. A recent study by Cisco shows how hybrid work has affected employees in a variety of ways, including morale and overall company culture. 

As part of the study, Cisco looked at the factors that have made hybrid work successful over the past two years. Respondents cited: 

  • A flexible work schedule is most important (65.6 percent) 
  • Increased use of technology is key (53.4 percent) 
  • Reduced or no commuting time is important (52.8 percent) 
  • Greater use of virtual meeting and collaboration tools has helped (50.4 percent) 

Good tech and support have played a key role in the hybrid work environment success. It was rated the most essential element for working from home successfully, with 76.8 percent of employees rating it among their top three success drivers.  

Also, 45 percent ranked an unreliable or weak internet connection as the biggest challenge for remote work. This relates to the responses to what is needed for growth in employees’ roles – over half (57.4 percent) believe investment in technology is critical.  

According to the survey, hybrid work has positively impacted the workplace and talent retention.  

Most employees surveyed said that the ability to work remotely has made them happier and more motivated in their role, and 61.9 percent are less likely to look for a new role as a result.  

The hybrid environment also has created more avenues for communication and engagement, and almost half of respondents (44.3 percent) say working remotely has improved their relationships with colleagues. Over half also believe hybrid and remote working has improved their company’s culture.  

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