There are countless benefits to a business for deploying cloud solutions. Often, one benefit that is discussed is cost savings. Rarely do we consider the angle that there is a financial benefit to the cloud. Moving infrastructure to the cloud presents many business and financial benefits, eliminating on-premises infrastructure costs and allowing for more agility. 

A key benefit of cloud migration is transitioning IT infrastructure from being a capital expense (capex) to an operational expense (opex). When you have capital investments, they remain tied up. This includes physical office space, servers, network components, cooling systems, racks, and storage.  A business no longer must maintain their datacenter, freeing up time and assets. By freeing up this time, your team can proactively work on other tasks that can help make your company money.  By freeing up this money, it can be redirected back into the business for growth or innovation.  

With an on-premises infrastructure, an organization is responsible solely for their security. With the ever-changing security landscape, a large amount of human capital, hardware, and software resources are tied up in the business. When you deploy cloud solutions, you now have a shared responsibility for security with the cloud provider. You may be surprised in the number of resources sharing that burden can alleviate in a business.  

Want to further explore the financial benefits of the cloud? Let 2W Tech show you the way. We are a technology solutions provider and Microsoft Gold Partner. We have IT Consultants on staff that are experts in the Microsoft Azure cloud and would be happy to explore the benefits this cloud can bring to your business. Give us a call today.

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