FBI Recovers 7,000 LockBit Decryption Keys


Earlier this week, the FBI revealed it has obtained over 7,000 LockBit decryption keys. These keys can recover encrypted data for free and the FBI is urging past victims of the LockBit ransomware to come forward.

The FBI has been working diligently to end LockBit ransomware’s reign of terror. In February 2024, they were able to take down LockBit’s infrastructure in an operation called “Operation Cronos”. The police seized thirty-four servers containing over 2,500 decryption keys, which helped in the creation of LockBit 3.0 Black Ransomware decryptor.

After analyzing the data that was seized, the U.S. Justice Department estimated the gang and their affiliates have earned more than $1 billion in ransomware from 7,000 attacks worldwide between June 2022 and February 2024.

Unfortunately, LockBit is still active today, evolving into using new servers and black web domains to avoid further disruption from law enforcement. In retaliation from “Operation Cronos,’ the LockBit gang leaked massive amounts of both old and new stolen data on the dark web. Which means, LockBit lied to officials when they claimed they deleted victim’s data after they paid the ransom.

The U.S. State Department is offering a $10 million reward for any information that would lead to the LockBit leaderships arrest or conviction. They are also offering a $5 million reward for tips leading to the arrest of LockBit ransomware affiliates.

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