ERP Implementation Leads To Happier Customers


When an organization considers an ERP implementation, the majority of the factors they consider are internal. ERP systems main function is to help all of the departments within an organization work together. They usually only have the big-picture benefits in mind, most times because this is what they are sold on. Manufacturers preach about increased productivity, maximized efficiency, and greater data management. But what isn’t often considered is that a properly planned and smoothly executed ERP software implementation can integrate your business and give you all the data you need to drive ROI even higher. It stands to reason that when your business is running on all cylinders and you can get real-time information and feedback on your processes that an ERP system provides, you will see the instant results in your ROI. An effective ERP maps out the clearest path to your customers.
Customers are the most important thing to your business, without them you wouldn’t have one. One of the biggest benefits ERP software can bring is to give you unprecedented knowledge of both current and past clients. You are able to track your clients purchase history through your ERP, which will provide your sales team information on suggested upsell, product or part replacements, maintenance plans, etc. Arming your sales team with this knowledge can make them sound more intelligent and allow them to genuinely help your customers. The ERP software can be set up to give your sales teams alerts at certain times throughout the lifecycle, so you will never miss an opportunity to start selling your customers before they even realize they need anything. Not only will your ERP software increase customer satisfaction naturally, it will also immediately begin recouping its costs as a lead generation tool.
Another way an ERP system can benefit your customers is being able to provide them with real-time information. When will their order to be ready? You are able to see the stock level of items and predict ship dates of parts. If it’s a custom made product, understanding what parts are in stock and what parts are needed, as well as the queue for the work to be done, can help give your customers an accurate date for when to expect their order. Customer payments can be tracked real-time and giving them an account status becomes easy to do. Your customers will appreciate having the information they are requesting immediately, gone are the days of them leaving messages and you taking hours or even days to gather the information needed to give them a response.
Your ERP software allows you to drive additional sales and leads with the data it provides you. It creates a detailed and complex picture of your customer so that you know how to serve them best and keep them returning for your products and services. An organization that properly uses their ERP system, not only gains all the orginally intended benefits, but can give you benefits you never even considered. If you have an ERP system and your customers are not gaining the benefits, you are probably not maximizing the system to gain the most from it. 2W Tech is a Certified Epicor ERP partner and would be happy to work with your organization to maximize your ERP investment.

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