Imagine for a minute a scenario where you start experiencing chest pains. You do not think it is a heart attack, but the discomfort is enough where you decide to seek medical attention. You arrive at the hospital and check in at a kiosk, only to receive a message back saying to have a seat and a doctor will be with you in 5-7 hours. Do you wait? Of course not. This is your health you are talking about. You get in the car and you drive elsewhere to seek help.

Now, imagine for a minute you wake up on a Monday morning and as you are driving to work, you are thinking through all the things you need to accomplish that day. You know a lot of orders were placed over the weekend and you need to ensure the products can be manufactured and shipped out on time. Your manufacturing business prides itself on on-time delivery.  You arrive at work only to discover your ERP system malfunctioned and no one on your team can get it functioning properly. You put in a help desk ticket directly with the software manufacturer and you get a confirmation email back assuring you help will arrive within 5-7 business days. Do you wait?

The answer to that scenario should be a resounding NO just as it was in the health scenario, but for most businesses, it is not.

If you are the business in the scenario above, every minute of downtime for your ERP system is costing your business money. Most businesses would be completely handicapped without their ERP system, so imagine what it would cost you to be down for a week. The reality is for most, it will cost you your business.

Not every ERP help desk ticket is as dramatic as the picture I have painted for you, but should that matter?  How do you draw the line at what is acceptable for help desk response time?

Many clients like to work directly with the software manufacturer believing they have the best answers to resolve their issues. While that could hold some truth, you might be surprised how knowledgeable ERP Consultants really are. Especially when you find ones with years and years of experience. It is also no secret that Consulting firms typically have way shorter help desk response times.

It is in the best interest of your company to investigate what the typical response times are for your ERP System when a ticket is placed. Then measure that response time against the worst-case scenario ticket you could enter and then decide if that wait time is something you can live with. The key to this experiment is to NOT WAIT to understand help desk ticket response time until you really need the help.

2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and have over 30 years’ experience working with Epicor ERP systems.  We answer all help desk tickets internally and your ticket is guaranteed to be fielded the same business day.  No exceptions. What more could you want out of a partner? To learn more about our Epicor expertise and help desk procedures, give us a call today.

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